I am excited to launch my new two-minute podcast series, Everyday Essentials. The genesis of the podcast stems from a need identified, through the work with my clients, to take small steps in the direction of the change that they seek.

Once we decide that we want change, we often want it immediately. Like any new year’s resolution, change of this sort usually does not stick. Too much, too soon. Instead, try taking no more than two minutes a day to listen to tips that might nudge you in the direction that you are looking to go. Small habits can make big change towards the life that you choose to live. 

So here’s what you can look forward to this week: 

Mindful Mondays

Transformational Tuesdays

Wellness Wednesdays

Thankful Thursdays

Philanthropy Fridays

Each day, there will be a nugget of information that you will find useful as you go about your day and think about the small steps that you would like to take to enrich your life and your experience of it.

I’m delighted to share my introductory episode facilitated by Philly Famous Podcast host and my son, Greg Holdsman. 

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