What is living a good life ?

Today I heard Dave Gilboa, one of the co-founders of Warby Parker, answer this question with resounding clarity. “Leaving the world better than it was before you came. Positively impacting a large group of people while having fun along the way. Going on adventures with interesting people, exploring interesting topics, always learning, always challenging yourself, all under the guise of leaving the world better than it was before you got here.”

Reflections on what makes a good life are deeply personal and unique to each individual living their life. I am, however, inspired by Dave’s thoughts, particularly in light of his successful journey to create a company that 1) makes a profit, 2) serves and motivates its employees, its customers, and the world (people), and 3) has a broader social impact (planet). 

I have begun to open my mind to the many different ways that individuals can improve the world. In my own life, my dedication to serving in leadership in nonprofit organizations that were built to serve and strengthen the power and potential of urban youth, has been my pathway towards a better world. With certainty, I know that this isn’t the only way. The landscape of today’s economy is filled with social entrepreneurs, starting businesses with triple bottom lines (profit, people and the planet). There are others filled with passion for a career in law, medicine, banking, or politics. There are multiple paths towards living a good life. Yet, as I reflect on Dave’s words, what rings true to me is the desire, and the absolute need, to leave the world better than it was before we arrived.  

What’s your path to a good life? 

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