Several people that I care about have experienced profound, personal, and deep loss in the past few weeks. These unexpected events have led to periods of sadness follwed by intense reflection on life thus far and how to continue to live it.  Here’s where I’ve landed today:

1) Live hard. Show up. Be present.

2) Love fully. Anything else just isn’t worth it.

3) Say yes…except when you want to say no. Take chances, go on adventures, but don’t say yes just because you think that you should. Overcommitting to things that don’t matter to you leads to burnout and resentment.

4) Pay attention to others. See if you can feel their pain. If you sense something, see how your presence can help them ease that pain. Listen with your ears, not your mouth.

5) Build strong relationships. Be there in good times and in bad.

6) Be true with your word. Only say the things that you mean, with honesty and intention.

7) Remember to say “I love you” often. You’ll never regret saying “I love you” too much.

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